Experienced Hail Damage to Your Roof? A&W Roofing Can Help

Weathering the Storm: Understanding Severe Weather Season and Hail Damage to Roofs in Central Texas

Living in Central Texas means brutally hot summers, very mild winters, and the occasional severe weather challenge. Among these various weather hazards, hailstorms are the most common and significant threat to  properties, often causing extensive damage to roofs. In this blog, we’ll explore the impact of hail damage to roofs and what steps to take when it happens to your home.

Aerial view of roof in Central Texas after severe weather hail storm.

Understanding Severe Weather Season in Central Texas:

Central Texas experiences a diverse range of weather patterns throughout the year. However, the period from spring to early summer, typically from March to June, marks the peak of severe weather season. During this time, the region is susceptible to thunderstorms, high winds, heavy rainfall, and hailstorms.

Hailstorms: Sudden yet Destructive

Hailstorms are a common occurrence during severe weather seasons in Central Texas. These storms occur when updrafts in thunderclouds carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere, where they freeze into hailstones. As the hailstones grow larger, they eventually fall to the ground, posing a threat to both property and safety. If you’ve lived in Austin or Central Texas for any number of years, you know these hail storms hit suddenly and with full force. 

Impact of Hail Damage to Roofs

One of the most vulnerable parts of a property during a hailstorm is the roof. Hailstones of varying sizes can pelt rooftops with tremendous force, leading to significant damage. Here are some common types of hail damage to roofs:

Dealing with Hail Damage to Roofs

Detecting hail damage to your roof can be challenging, especially without the trained eye of a professional. That’s why, as homeowners in Central Texas, it’s crucial to rely on the expertise of A&W Roofing and Exteriors for a thorough inspection if you suspect any damage following severe weather. Here’s how our process works:

Golf ball sized hail in grass.

Protecting Your Entire Home: Addressing Hail Damage Beyond the Roof

Severe weather and hail storms in Central Texas don’t discriminate when it comes to causing damage. While your roof may bear the brunt of the impact, other components of your home, such as windows and exterior siding, can also suffer. At A&W Roofing and Exteriors, we understand the importance of comprehensive protection for your property, which is why we offer expert assistance in addressing hail damage beyond just your roof.

Hail Damage to Windows

Hailstones can be relentless, capable of shattering windows or causing damage that compromises their integrity. If you’ve experienced a hailstorm, it’s essential to have your windows inspected for any signs of damage. A&W Roofing and Exteriors specializes in window replacement, using high-quality materials to ensure the safety and security of your home. Whether you need a single window replaced or a complete upgrade, our experienced team can guide you through the process and restore your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Hail Damage to Exterior Siding

Just like your roof, exterior siding can sustain damage from hail impact, leading to dents, cracks, or punctures. Damaged siding not only affects your home’s curb appeal but also compromises its protection against the elements. A&W Roofing and Exteriors offers professional siding repair and replacement services to address hail damage and restore the beauty and durability of your home’s exterior. Our experts will assess the extent of the damage and recommend the most suitable solutions to ensure your home remains resilient and visually appealing.

Damaged gutter with holes in it after severe weather hail storm in Central Texas.

Protect Your Home with A&W Roofing and Exteriors

Severe weather season in Central Texas brings with it the potential for hailstorms, which can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties, particularly roofs. Understanding the impact of hail damage and taking proactive measures to address it is essential for homeowners in the region. By staying informed, scheduling regular maintenance visits, and partnering with reputable roofing professionals, residents can safeguard their homes against hail damage to their roof and ensure peace of mind year-round.