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Texas is known for its severe weather patterns, especially during the winter season. At A&W Roofing, we make sure our clients are equipped with the highest quality roofs with the hopes of withstanding any type of weather. However, we know that storm damage does happen, and we are prepared to work with your insurance company to get your roof fully repaired as quickly as possible.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

Many people might be intimidated by the process of filing an insurance claim for roof damage from a storm. At A&W Roofing, we want to make that process as seamless as possible. Nothing should keep you from repairing your roof and maintaining a strong shelter over your family.

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged, there are steps to take to determine the extent and begin filing an insurance claim:

  • Contact Your Insurance Company: As soon as the damage is sustained, contact your insurance company to schedule a time for an adjuster to come to your home and assess the damage.
  • Wait to Hear Back: Within a few days, your insurance company should send you a full summary of the report as well as the first check for repairs, if necessary.
  • Contact A&W Roofing: To get started on the process of repairing your roof, contact us and we’ll send out one of our Georgetown roofing technicians to assess the damage and the summary of the insurance agent’s report to give feedback on next steps. We’ll also provide a free estimate for the repairs.

Every insurance claim is different, so we encourage you to get in touch with your insurance company to better understand your specific coverage. Then, when it comes time for quality repairs, we’re ready to help.

Georgetown Roofers Serving Pflugerville & Round Rock

A&W Roofing accepts insurance claims for damage caused by hail, rain, snow, wind, or other qualifying accidents. Don’t wait to get your roof fixed; contact our Georgetown & Round Rock roofers today to get started.

If you have recently sustained roof damage and need to file an insurance claim, the Round Rock and Georgetown roofing technicians can help. Call  512-688-5044.

Effectively Repairing Your Roof

Every year, the seasons shift to bring on a series of storms to the Southwestern region of the United States. Although we can expect that storms will come, unfortunately, we can never predict how extreme they will be. At A&W Roofing, our skilled Georgetown roofers can repair your storm-damaged roof quickly and efficiently and protect your property against further damage.

Storm Damage & Its Causes

Oftentimes, storm damage is not obvious right away. Especially in Texas, where hail and rainstorms are common, storm damage can manifest days or even weeks after the actual storm. It is important to know the signs of storm damage and address it as soon as possible.

Signs of roof damage from storms can include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Dented asphalt shingles
  • Cracked or broken tile shingles
  • Shingles particles collecting in gutters
  • Dents in gutters or flashing
  • Leaks or drafts

Most home insurance policies include provision for storm damage to your roof. A&W Roofing accepts insurance claims for most types of storm damage but we encourage you to contact us about your specific situation. We offer free estimates and are committed to your full satisfaction.

A&W Roofing can repair damage from storms such as:

  • Hail storms
  • High wind
  • Heavy rainfall
  • & more

How To Manage Storm Damage Around Your Home

Storm damage around your home and your property can be difficult to deal with, expensive to repair, and complicated to manage. You need to have an adjuster from your insurance company come out to take a look, and you should also have a look around your property to make sure you know the extent of the damage. 

If you have storm damage that seems severe, you should speak with a professional roofer about the problem. Also, you need to know what can be done to repair the damage. You may need to replace your roof, or you may have options to repair the roof and cover spots where leaks have occurred.

Where Did The Roof Storm Damage Occur?

Roof shingles could be pulled away from the roof, broken, or moved by the wind. You might find that some shingles are missing, or you might have additional wind damage that includes debris on the roof, branches that have pierced the roof, and tears in the flashing around every corner.

Hail Damage

High winds and hail could dent your roof or cause more shingle damage. There are a number of people who would prefer a quick roof repair because they do not want to spend too much money. Ask your roofer how much life they think is left in your roof. If you can do a standard roof repair, you should do that with help from your insurance company. When it is time for roof replacement, we can help with that, too.

Roof Replacement

When your roof is so damaged that you cannot repair it, you should ask the roofer if they can change the style of your roof, do a full replacement, and how fast it can be done. You can often work out a price that will be within the bounds of what you have gotten from your insurance company. Ensure that you have taken a look at the roof replacement plan and the budget, and asked for adjustments if you think the price is too high. 

No one wants to replace their roof, but there comes a time when you need to replace the roof before another storm causes more damage.

Anyone who would like to invest in a new roof or roof repair will see their home change for the better — with improved insulation, no more leaks, and a sense of being more prepared when the new round of storms occurs. Avoid future damage and enjoy better protection from your roof when you choose roof repair from A&W Roofing.

Our roofing professionals serve customers in Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Round Rock, backed by more than 15 years of providing excellent roofing services. We understand the urgency and seriousness posed by storm damage to your roof and we want to help you protect your home and family from further exposure.

Get affordable and prompt repair for storm damage by calling the Georgetown and Round Rock roofers at A&W Roofing at 512-688-5044.

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